Cover : Face To Face Again (The Joy)

The re-release of Face To Face Again also known as ‘The Joy’ (Seba Remix) is finally available on all the industry recognised platforms including I-tunes, Beatport , and Spotify


Written by Kirsty Hawkshaw with additional lyrics from Alex Mei, this track has stood the test of time.  And showcases outstanding remixes from , Ken Loi (Elucidate) , Matt Lange , and Timothy Allen.


Face To Face

and heart to heart

Innocence in shadow my reflection

Fire Away, I’ll make a start

What should I sing i’m feeling everything

life energy, life energy, love energy

What you give, I receive

The moment brings the best out in me

And The Joy Comes Raining Down

Excuses losses mean no more

failing winning oh what for?

Semblence essence what I can

symbols idols what I am